Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ask for your bishop's score

Score Dilatation Effacement Station Position Consistency
0 closed – 30% -3 Posterior Firm
1 1 – 2 cm 40 – 50% -2 Mid-position Moderately Firm
2 3 – 4 cm 60 – 70% -1 Anterior Soft
3 5+ cm 80+% +1

Have you ever heard of the Bishop's Score?  It's a tallying system most doctors use before inducing labor.  Your score will tell you how likely it is that the induction will work and that you will have a successful normal delivery.  

This table is analyzing the readiness of your cervix for labor.  It measures the dilation, effacement (how thick it is), the station of the baby (how low is he/she; are they sitting on your cervix?  This helps with dilation), the position of your cervix (your cervix rotates till it is in line with your vagina before you will give birth), and the consistency of it.  A score is given to each area, and then are added up.  If you get a 9 or higher, you are in good shape.  3 or lower could be trouble.

If your doctor decides the benefits for you and your baby are better by ending the pregnancy than letting it continue, first ask what your bishop's score is.  This will help you determine if you are okay with an induction or not.  If your score is low, you might be headed for a cesarean section.

All healthy births are good births, just make sure you are prepared so you will not be taken by surprise and can comfortably and happily take care of your little one when they finally come to the big outside world.

There's a good little article on the bishop's score here.

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