Friday, September 27, 2013

elective induction

I know, I know.

It's so hard to not be able to plan the day you're baby would arrive.  You're a busy gal, you've got plenty on your plate ... dropping it all and bringing a new life into the world feels impossible in our scheduled world.  I understand; I do it on a monthly basis for my clients and it is no small thing.

But there is quite a bit of research out there showing that babies do best inside their mamas.  Your baby is staying inside of you for a reason, and most of the time ... it's best to go with the flow.  Now, of course there are times where this is not at all true; and thank heaven we have technology advanced enough to help your baby!

If the word "induction" starts getting thrown around, ask your caregiver for what they would call a "risk analysis".  It's essentially a big pros and cons list; giving you a much more detailed idea of what would be best for your baby.

Be aware that most hospitals aren't even allowing elective induction any more, according to Medscape.  There is simply too much information out there supporting those last few weeks of development in the womb; enough that professional caregivers can't justify early inductions without a serious cause.
" 'Something we didn't even anticipate as a benefit of this policy, but was a delightful surprise to see, was a decreased admission rate to the neonatal intensive care unit,' Dr. Healy told Medscape Medical News at the meeting."
Read the whole article; it's not too long and quite interesting!

Educate yourself so you can feel confident in what you chose.  If your baby needs anything, he or she needs confident, loving parents.