Thursday, June 9, 2011

a beautiful normal birth

When I went to a hypnobirthing class several months ago, I met a beautiful gal named Laura.  I could immediately sense her kindness and calmness and liked her very much.  She would be using a midwife for the birth of her second child, and was very excited about the whole prospect.  She was quite the advocate of home birth to the other couples in the group.

She also talked a lot about getting to know your baby before he or she enters this world.  Talking to him or her, using their name, and getting your husband and siblings all involved was a big deal to her, and it seemed to work wonders with her first child.  I loved the idea of it.

She wrote an article about her birth and posted it.  It is a fantastic birth story; the kind people should most definitely read as it can greatly add to your confidence in your own birthing abilities!

Read Laura's birth story here:

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