Thursday, January 13, 2011

a great use of drugs

"Natural birth" is a difficult word to define. Does it mean you went without drugs?  Does it mean you did it at home?  In the woods?  All these things are fine if it is what you want; again birth has as much to do with your mind as it does with your body.  But sometimes a good, healthy, "natural" birth does involve some drugs or intervention of some sort.

In "Birthing From Within", I just read about an account of a birth that I liked.  She said:
"I've always accomplished what I set out to do.  I've been successful in sports and my profession.  I trusted my body, and my ability to birth naturally.
So, when I was told I was not making progress, I just could not believe it.  I was physically and emotionally spent -- I had nothing left to draw on.  Facing the need to have an epidural was a crisis for me.
I needed the loving support and acceptance from my birth partner and friends to know I was doing the right thing, and that I was not weak or giving up easily.  They told me how strong I had been, and cried with me. 
Later, I realized that all my life I had been in control.  Whenever I set my mind to do something, I made it happen.  I thought giving birth and mothering would be the same way.  Losing control of my labor and having the epidural was a gift because it made me realize that as a mother I could not have the kind of control I was used to in other areas of my life.  I'm learning that though I might have ideas about my baby and mothering, I can't always control what happens.  And I'm still able to be a good mother."
I absolutely love this story.  Sometimes the more you read about all the benefits and risks with different kinds of births, the more set you become on one specific way of getting your child here.  This is a real challenge because the only thing you can really count on with your birth is that it will be unpredictable.  This carries on throughout the rest of your life as a mother. 

So as you are learning, understanding, and making decisions, keep an open mind.  Remember that birth is a perfect process, and that the medical world gives you many options.  Surround yourself during your labor with people who will love and support whatever works best for you.


  1. Allie,

    This is Amanda (Allen) King. We ran into eachother at Disneyland. I am totally a blog stalker and I read your family blog. I just realized that you are in one of my best friends ward (Karen). Its such a small world....anyway...

    I saw your link to this blog and was very intrested. I am currently pregnant with baby #3 and have been seriously contemplating a natural birth. My epidural went well with my first, but my second was a nightmare that I don't want to relive, but in the same sentence...I am a little nervous about the natural birth as well. I was hoping you could offer some insight for me or recommend a book or other information for me to help me make my decision. Well...mostly help me be more confident in my decision to go natural.

    My e-mail address is Thanks so much!!

  2. Amanda! Yes, most definitely you can do it. It will be quite a bit different from your first two. But your body really does know how to give birth, it was made to do it! I've loved all the stuff I've been learning, I'll email you some more details and tell you about a few different books.