Friday, April 1, 2011

work with your baby

I am currently reading "The Gentle Greeting" by Ronald L. Cole.  It's an older book (published 1998), but it has a lot of great advice in it; especially if you are new to the idea of natural childbirth.

There is one tip in here that I have read in just about every childbirth book or class I have come across so far.  He says that during labor you should:
"Steer your mind away from fearful thoughts.  Work with your baby; assure your child that all will be well.  Picture yourself and your baby feeling ready and working together for a smooth delivery.  Picture your baby entering the world gently to a loving reception.  Picture yourself holding your healthy baby, rewarded by the effort it has taken you both."
Hypnobirthing classes and the "Birthing From Within" book also talked a lot about working with your unborn child.  They are a living human soul as well, and this is as much of an ordeal for them as it will be for you.  Everything I have read has mentioned at one point or another to talk with your baby; encourage him to move down and get ready to greet the world.  It sounds a little silly, but there are some amazing stories regarding this communication between the parents and the unborn child.

Visualizing this, or being reminded to work with your baby can be really helpful in labor.  Some women find it distracting, however.  As with nearly all techniques, you'll never really know till you're actually in labor.  The trick is to be flexible!

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