Friday, December 31, 2010

where should you birth?

Over the holidays, I have been reading "Birthing From Within" by Pam England and Rob Horrowitz.  Its a little hippie-ish, but it has some really great suggestions and helpful thought-provoking questions.  I will now suggest to every client to read this book.  There are lots of things I want to post about, but here was one helpful little list:
"Home Birth is for Women Who Are:
  • Healthy
  • Eating a sound prenatal diet
  • Non-smokers
  • Able to envision taking an active role in giving birth, with minimal intervention
  • Willing to cope with the pain and hard work of labor (without drugs)
  • Living where midwives are available
  • Laboring within thirty minutes of a hospital
  • Able to cover additional expenses (if their insurance coverage is limited to hospital births)

Hospital Birth is for Women Who Have:
  • Chronic medical problems (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure)
  • A prenatal problem (e.g., gestational diabetes, preterm labor, preeclampsia, breech, or at least two weeks overdue)
  • A desire to birth in a hospital and/or have access to drugs
  • Strong fear and/or mistrust of birth as a natural process
  • Planned a home birth, but whose labor did not prgress normally"

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