Sunday, November 21, 2010

eating and drinking

During labor, nearly all hospitals restrict eating and drinking.  It stems from a procedure that is rarely used today, and is quite unnecessary.  Eating and drinking (juice, particularly) will boost your energy and aid you physically, and oftentimes emotionally as well.  Talk to your doctor to see if this will be a possibility.

I just read a really great article about it, and here is the first paragraph to tantalize your tastebuds ...
"The traditional practice of restricting food and fluids during labour does not provide any benefits, finds a new review co-authored by a Queen's University Associate Professor."
Read the rest of the article here.


  1. I like this article-thanks for sharing! When I had Nicholas I was DYING for a drink, and all they'd allow me to have was ice chips. Even after Nicholas was born I didn't want any food for almost an entire day...all I wanted was water and more water! I was SO thirsty. I am going to find a new doctor for the next baby, and I'm going to make sure to remember to see if I can find one who will let me eat and drink. Seriously. It just makes sense that a woman needs to keep up her energy!

  2. Agreed. I really wanted some crackers or something to nibble on; I was so tired! It's definitely something to bring up as you're finding the right doctor! Does this mean you've got another coming? ;)