Sunday, October 3, 2010


My name is Allie, and I am a young mother of one.  My husband is going through chiropractic school, and that school recently hosted a doula training session.  I had heard a little about doulas, but they were quite foreign to me and in my mind consisted of incense and chanting and renouncing modern medical progress.

Turns out that is possibly true, but only if that's your image of an ideal birth.

Digging a little more, I learned that the main mission of a doula was to help a woman and her partner achieve her ideal birthing experience.  That sounded pretty neat, especially as my husband and I would've really appreciated a little extra attention, direction, and information as we welcomed our son into the world.  So I signed up, and attended a weekend training conference by Ellie Shea, R.N. C.D.  It was incredible.
These women were as diverse and amazing as I could've possibly hoped for.  We had chiropractors, nurses, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, and housewives.  And the class?  I could not believe the information available.  There is so much out there that too many women do not know.  I am at a stage in life right now where a lot of my friends are beginning their families and have mentioned many concerns.  With their voices in my mind I took notes like a mad person ... there were so many things I wanted to tell them.
I took about forty full pages of notes, in addition to book lists, web links, movies, etc.

I think my brain might burst.

So, instead of calling each and every person I know is/will be pregnant and attempting to overload their brains with every option, technique, and resource that is actually available to them, I thought I would start a blog.  I will post links, books, facts I have learned, great people to refer to, and of course a few of my own opinions.  My hope is that this could be a blog that couples could read, learn, and empower themselves to welcome their child into the world in the right way for them.

I feel very passionate about this.  It is my belief that the well-being of the human race begins in the home, and the work of a doula helps that family unit get off on the right foot.  Having received this information, I would feel selfish not sharing it to those who are searching.

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